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Mediji-prijevod (MEDIATRANSLATIONS) was created after years of experience.

MEDIATRANSLATIONS provides translation and subtitling services for various programming and media needs.

Our team is expert and professional in adapting texts for subtitling.

We work with specialised software enabling savings in time and the speedy delivery of orders, as well as the delivery of all formats according to the client’s needs.

MEDIATRANSLATIONS draws on a pool of highly qualified translators, language editors, proof readers and QC-ers to meet various demands.

We translate to and from all major languages, as well as from ChineseJapanese and Hebrew.

Quality control is an integral component of our work. From the moment we receive the material to the delivery of finished work, we strive to meet not only our clients’ strict requirements, but also our own.

  • A careful selection of translators for each particular material.
  • We work with highly trained translators and language editors in order to maintain the highest standards, while at the same time meeting market requirements using the latest technology.
  • MEDIATRANSLATIONS uses the most current technology available on today's market.

MEDIJI-PRIJEVOD d.o.o. Zagreb, Radnička cesta 50 • OIB 56519030192 • MB 1943740

Trgovački sud u Zagrebu Tt-05/4168-2 • MBS 080522602

Tem.kapital: 20.000 kn uplaćen u cijelosti • Članovi Uprave: T.Pisk, S.Božić Ljubičić

IBAN : HR0823600001101838940 Zagrebačka banka; HR7924840081103336291 RBA